Shakib thinks ICC not ready for resumption of cricket

After a long period of deadlock situation in cricket world, the cricketing atmosphere is preparing to return in regular rhythm although there is still number of contamination increasing day by day.  International Cricket Council (ICC) themselves has set guidelines for cricket in the pandemic period.

Shakib thinks ICC not ready for resumption of cricket

Shakib Al Hasan, one of the game’s most influential player is hesitant about how cricket will be played in current situation. The game’s governing body released a string of protocols designed to minimize the risk of contracting COVID-19. On the other hand, countries like England and Sri Lanka have already planned return to training for resuming Cricket.

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Shakib questioned some facts ranging from the social and technical requirements which are parts of the game.

“Now we are hearing that it [COVID-19 virus] might spread around 12 feet, not just three or six. So does it mean the two batsmen can’t meet at the end of the over?” Shakib told the Dhaka-based Prothom Alo.

“They will stand at their ends? Won’t there be any crowd in the stadium? Will the wicketkeeper stand a far? What would happen to close-in fielders? These things require discussions.”

Shakib however said that the ICC are unlikely to let cricket resume without assessing the situation properly. “I don’t think they [ICC] will take a chance before they are very sure. Whatever it is, life comes first. I am sure they will think of safety first,” he said.

Shakib, who is currently serving a one-year ban, said that he is spending his time counting days to his return, too.

“I am counting days in two ways. One, when will corona be over, and the other, when will my suspension end. I am going through a tough time. Although there’s no cricket going on anywhere, I know that if it starts tomorrow, I won’t be able to play cricket.

“When you are restricted about something, whether others talk about it or not, you know yourself about what you are going through,” he said.

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