Shakib will visit his Father in Law’s house

Mr. All rounder Shakib Al Hasan will fly to USA to visit his father in law’s house for the first time after marriage.  The wife Umme Ahmed Shishir returns to her family in a few days ago. This is her first American tour after marriage.

Shakib Al Hasan married about six months ago. He hasn’t yet gone to his father-in-law’s house for his tight schedule. His wife Umme Ahmed Shishir has returned to his family at America a few days ago. This is the very first time that shishir is going to his father’s resident after she got married with Shakib. There is a great possibility that Sakib is joining his wife at her journey to America. Shakib has already got the American visa. He will fly right after the getting the visa of England.

Shakib and Shishir didn’t do honeymoon yet, so there’s bit of a planning going around that they will also do their honeymoon. The plan that is going through in Shakib’s mind is kind of ‘Killing three birds with a stone’- visiting father-in-law’s house, doing honeymoon and playing county in England.
Shakib has already made the contract with Listershire. He will be there for three months-June ,July and August. Listershire had taken Sakib to play in the t-20 tournament in England. Sakib couldn’t play in IPL for the Zimbabwe tour. But he will be play in county without any break as there’s no schedule for him at Bangladesh.

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