Shane Warne names the best batsman in the world cricket

Australian spin legend Shane Warne has finally opened his mouth about the trending topic in cricket right now which is who is the best batsman in the world cricket Steve Smith or Virat Kohli.


He mentions Indian captain Virat Kohli’s name as the best batsman in the world but he also clarifies that if it’s all about Test, then it must be Steve Smith.

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“As far as Test cricket goes, I would most likely say it is an extremely intense battle among Virat and Smith. However, I think if I needed to pick one batsman in Test cricket, it would be Smith, yet if I lost that and had Virat, I would at present be upbeat since he is a legend,” Warne said.

“I think Virat is the best batsman in the world. I think if I had to pick one batsman over all formats, it would need to be Virat. Viv Richards was the best batsman I saw in ODI cricket and in all cricket likely. But Virat is presently the best ODI player that we have seen. He surpasses Viv for me.

“I think he will break all records and I am a major devotee of how he approaches his activity and I have said that openly too. I think Virat in all types of the game is the best batsman in the world,” he added.

Above all debate, it is evident that undoubtedly the best two batsman of this generation are Steve Smith and Virat Kohli. And cricket fans and followers are blessed having them.

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