SL v AUS: Temporary grandstand of Galle Stadium collapsed due to heavy rain

It started raining about 90 minutes before the scheduled first ball on the second day of the first Test, with gusts blowing in offshore

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Hasi Kamanger

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Australian and Sri Lankan cricketers arriving in Galle on the second day of the first Test were greeted by the alarming sight of a collapsed temporary stand.
The roof of a makeshift stand at Galle International Stadium collapsed amid strong winds and heavy rain, putting the second day of the first test between Australia and Sri Lanka in jeopardy.
About 90 minutes before the game was scheduled to start on Thursday, it began to rain and strong squalls blew off the coast.
A strong wind warning has since been issued for the Galle region, expecting gusts of over 60km/h later in the day.
Ground crew managed to keep the entire floor covered as the rain blew in from the side, but roped sheets covering the small concrete seating area on the east side of the floor were blown away.
The entire roof then caved in and officials are now considering how to secure the metal before play can begin.
There were no spectators in the stands at this point as the Australian team had just landed.

It continued to rain after the game was scheduled to start at 10 a.m. local time, and ground crew struggled to cover the entire outfield amid the gusts of wind.
Tires are used to keep some parts of the tarp grounded, but other parts covering the outfield have been blown away.
Australia face a crucial opening hour as they finally get going again after faltering 3-98 in response to Sri Lanka's 212.
Only bad weather can prevent a result in the game after 13 wickets fell on day one and a three day test is predicted due to pitch conditions.