SLC launches ‘Brain Center’ for cricketers

With an aim to revive country’s cricket glory and prepare for the next year’s World Cup, Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) moved on to Barcelona, the Spanish football club for the latest technologies and software.

SLC launches 'Brain Center' for cricketers

On Monday, SLC Chief Thilanga Sumathipala presented the ‘Brain Center’ – a software adopted from Barcelona and its player management system. He said the technology has been launched after a year of preparation. A play review system to analyze the play of each cricketer is a highly sophisticated feature of the system.

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Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) chief Ashley de Silva said to AFP, “We are investing a lot of resources and technology to develop the game with an eye on the World Cup. This system will benefit the national team and allow evidence-based decisions to be made.”

“It’s not cheap, but it is a good investment because it gives us instant information,” he said.

The board spent $75,000 on the software. The GPS technology will carry all the information to individual cricketers that includes how much running one does in an actual match along with how much physical energy spent on that, the rate of heart pounding or the number of steps one stick into the game.

Former Kent coach Simon Willis who was appointed as the High Performance Manager of Sri Lanka cricket in 2014, said, “This system will allow evidence based decisions to be made. We had to create what is relevant to cricket.”

He informed players will wear a satellite based GPS device not only during practice but also in tournaments that will carry information to the software.

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