Smith in ‘pretty good shape’ despite no cricket

The Australian national cricket team has returned to practice, leaving behind the coronavirus panic. The training camp has started with the top cricketers of the national team. Steven Smith joined the camp on Monday (June 1) at the Sydney Olympic Park in Australia.

Smith in 'pretty good shape' despite no cricket

At the time, he said, he had kept himself fit for the two-month break and would have no problem returning to the field.

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In addition to Smith, David Warner and Mitchell Starc have also reported to join pre-season camp before the start of domestic cricket. Australia has started practicing by keeping the ‘closed door’ system. Australia is one of the least infected countries in the world. So far, 7,000 people in the country have been infected with coronavirus and 103 have died.

“I’ve got myself in some pretty good shape, probably the best shape I’ve been in in years, doing lots of running, lots of gym stuff at home. It’s been a couple of months of good hard work,”

Smith told the Sydney Morning Herald.

Cricket Australia (CA) has finalized their schedule for the international season this week, which starts on August 9. Smith said he had not been able to take the bat in the last two months due to a lockdown. Due to which he had forced himself to prepare himself physically and mentally.

“I haven’t touched a bat, really. A couple of little drills at home but that’s about it. I’ve just tried to switch off from it a bit, which I don’t do very often. I was just focusing on getting myself fit and strong and refreshing mentally,” the 30-year old Smith said.

“I’ve done a few master classes at home [with fans online] … but other than that I really haven’t picked up a cricket bat. It’s been a bit different but I’m sure in the long run it will probably be a good thing to freshen up after a pretty long year and a half since the World Cup and Ashes,” he added.

The national cricket teams of England and Sri Lanka also returned to practice in a sterile environment on Monday.

The ongoing health crisis has had a huge impact on Cricket Australia’s (CA) financial system. Due to which they have laid off about 200 workers. Australia will have to look ahead to the series against India in December to overcome the financial crisis due to the uncertainty of the T20 World Cup in October-November.

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