Sohag Gazi after being the new star

Sohag Gazi has been sleeping in his launch cabin of ‘Kuakata – 1’ the next day, by the same time he was making a new world record in the history of test cricket at the Johur Ahmed Chowdhury Stadium in Chittagong in the previous day. Reporter’s phone call was picked up by his mate informing that he has fallen in sleep long before the launch started off towards ‘Potuakhali’, Sohag’s home district.  [Watch Video Clip: Mr. and Mrs. Shakib arrived in Magura by helicopter to celebrate EID]

It was almost dusk when he awake from sleep. It must have been peaceful indeed! “I was so tired. We caught the flight for Dhaka immediately after the match ended & it was almost 11.20 at night when I reached my home. I rushed to the ‘Shadarghat’ to catch the launch in the morning today. It was so tiring, I fall asleep.” – a smiling star said.

When reporters asked him why he didn’t a flight up to Barisal, Sohag said, “I don’t actually know about the time schedule of flights to Barisal. I brought a ticket of ‘Kuakata – 1’ launch prior to the test match.”

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Most of the passengers of this launch are from ‘Potuakhali’; Sohag told that he was amused when they called him ‘the pride of Potuakhali’. But the new star informed, he was really overwhelmed when New Zealand skipper Brendon McCullum appreciated him saying, ‘this is indeed your match’.

“Actually no one knows what he can do at a time. I can’t yet understand what I have done, but realizing that I have been able to do something for my country. Perhaps people outside Bangladesh know my country for this.” – Sohag said.

Fortune leads people towards unbounded journey. Today’s star Sohag Gazi informed the reporter that it was a just a year ago in this same month of October, he send requests through a senior team mate to the newspaper journalists so that they would publish a photograph of him after he scored a century and took 7 wickets with a hat trick in the National Cricket League. “I was hurrying to see a photograph of mine in the news papers. It must have been very nice to watch! I recalled Shahin bhai (Barisal divisional wicket keeper Shahin Hossain) so that he informed his acquainted journalists in different news papers about me.”

Now photographers of all kinds of media in home and abroad are chasing him to have click for them!

Sohag’s original home district is ‘Itbaria’ of Potuakhali village; now he is building his own house in ‘kolatola’ in Potuakhali city. He will join in the national team camp in 18th of October after celebrating the Eid – ul – Azha with family members.

When reporters asked him whether he has any special plans for the second test Sohag said he is opposed of making out special plans. “I haven’t done anything in a planned way in the first test. But I have a plan to be the highest wicket taker of the whole series.”

Sohag also said that this test have made him think about his batting specially. “I never batted in such cool style. In that period I suddenly thought that it would be beneficial for the team if I could do some runs. And by the grace of Allah I was able to do that.”

Sohag’s father Shahjahan Gaji is a retired police officer. The star all rounder made fun of his mother’s name saying that his mother’s name is similar to the Prime Minister’s name, ‘Hasina Begum’!

Sohag said if he doesn’t talk to his parents prior to a match, he suffers from lack of self confidence. “I talked to my mother prior to the night I made the hundred. Mother told me to perform to rakats of ‘nafal’ salat before going to the field and I did this.”

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