Sohag Gazi leaving for test tonight

Sohag GaziBangladeshi spin all rounder Sohag Gazi is going to leave Dhaka for Cardiff, England tonight to be gone under experiment for the suspected bowling action. Bangladesh Cricket Board sends him all alone in this journey. Sohag will be tested in the Metropolitan University Laboratory in Cardiff, England. [Read in Bangla: বোলিং অ্যাকশন পরীক্ষার জন্য আজ যাচ্ছেন সোহাগ গাজী]

In a conversation with the journalists Sohag seemed a little bit of nervous in this regard, “Yea, I’ve been feeling nervous from before and now it is increasing with the time. I’m feeling really bad as I have to go all alone in the journey.” It seems a faulty decision by the board as Sohag was asking for a company from the time he was sent from West Indies. Sri Lankan off spinner Shachitra Senanayeke was examined in that same lab in last June and three of the Lankan board officials accompanied him in that occasion. Even when Pakistani off spinner Saed Ajmol went for examination, PCB officials accompanied him.

When asked BCB Chief Executive Nijamuddin Chowdhury said, “We will send someone if it is a rehab program. But he is not going in any rehab program, he will be just examined; and a member of ICC will accompany him in the journey.” But any sort of rehab program is out of question here because if Sohag will be suspended after the experiment, he will not be permitted to go under any rehab program. All the costs of Sohag Gazi including his plane fair, staying in the five star hotel and other accommodations is given by ICC. BCB would have to give the cost of the accompaniment merely. It is also known from the trusted source that Sohag has not even received any mental support after he was accused in this regard.

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