Shakib Al Hasan: Someone who showed what a Bangladeshi is capable of doing

It won’t be an exaggeration to assert him as an ‘inventor’. He did something which was thought kind of unimaginable for a Bangladeshi guy to do it. He achieved something which was thought to be achieved by a Bangladeshi only in daydream. He is only a cricketer, but his deeds are so much intense that – every parents of Bangladesh would dream to have a son like him, every boy would dream to be like him and every girls would dream him a their ‘Prince’. He is the biggest celebrity Bangladesh has ever produced .He is Sakib- Al-Hasan.

Sakib was born in Magura district of Khulna division in 24th of March, 1987. During his childhood he was very much fond of football. As he was getting older he started to gather interest in cricket. He somehow became familiar in his district as a prominent cricketer. He was often hired to play for different villages. In one of those matches an umpire noticed him and arranged for him to practice with an eminent club of Magura district. This was the time for him that he grew up interest in cricket and started to take it seriously rather casually. He got himself admitted in Bangladesh’s only educational sports institution and he was trained there for about for six years.

Sakib’s ODI debut was in 2006 against Zimbabwe. His test debut was against India in 2007. From the very beginning of his career he was thought to be kind of different from other national players. The commentators watching him in the field often commented on how he carried himself differently from other Bangladeshi players. The balance of aggressiveness and defense in his batting was kind of exemplary. The way he bowled, the way he fielded was very much different from other Bangladesh players, which was noticed from the beginning. Sakib-Al-Hasan is still the greatest reliability in the Bangladesh even today. Even his presence in the team works as a spark for the teammates. But it does affect adversely for the opposition. He is the guy for whom every team makes special planning before the matches. Every cricket-loving Bangladeshi dreams that, Sakib-Al-Hasan will be the one who will lead Bangladesh to the way of winning the world cup one day.

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