South Africa likely to get banned from international cricket

Cricket South Africa (CSA)’s future is in danger after the government interfered to the country’s cricket activities due to corruption.

Angry South African cricketers Demand CSA's reform

The government of South Africa had to intervene n the matters of the national body of sports after reports of serious misconduct by senior authorities came out. This is a strict violation of the code of conduct set by International Cricket Cricket (ICC) which is government should not interview in cricket activities.

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The punishment is likely to be a ban from international cricket. Earlier CEO Thabang Moroe was fired from his position for being alleged of serious misconduct in August.

He and former COO of Cricket South Africa Naasei Appiah both found guilty after CSA was asked to hand over the entire 500 pages long report to South African law bodies, a week after they demanded to have a look at it. The parts of the same report were revealed publicly and pointed to a serious act of misconduct and some corruption.

Lawmakers who have seen all the documents were questioned on Wednesday that why other executives and board members have been exempted from the investigation. Mthethwa said he has now reached to a point where he no value in any further engagement with CSA.

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