Fan reacts on Star Sports’ Mauka Mauka ad for Father’s day

The official broadcaster, Star Sports has been arranging different advertisements to increase the excitement of the World Cup since the previous World Cup in 2015. [বাংলায় পড়ুন: স্টার স্পোর্টসের বাবা ছেলের বিজ্ঞাপন নিয়ে টুইটারে নিন্দা]

Fan reacts on Star Sports' Mauka Mauka ad for Father's day

Star Sports is a group of Indian pay television sports channels owned by Star India. So it looks like they come up with the promos which only excites the Indians or Indian fans but disparaging to the other nations. This time they made a most questionable and dishonorable ad ahead of the India and Pakistan clash.

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To development the publicity and excitement among the fans before the most prestigious clash Star Sports avoided their promotion for India’s match against the Kiwis. Rather, they bounced directly to Pakistan versus India conflict. They likewise brought back the ‘Mauka Mauka’ promotion that had circulated around the cricket world during the season of the 2015 World Cup. But this time they have given it a Father’s Day bend for June 16, when Father’s Day is celebrated the whole way across the World.

In the video, actor Vikas Malhotra who plays as the Pakistani child, recalls his dad’s shrewd words on how one must continue attempting and ought to never surrender. The Indian fan in the advert utilizes this chance to take the ‘BAAP’ burrow over the Pakistani fan. The ad is not only insulting for the Pakistanis but also for the Bangladeshis as the ad also shows Bangladesh as the ‘BROTHER’ of the Pakistan which directly hits the emotions of the people of these countries.

As a result, it creates much calumny among the fans across the world. Even some Indian fans have been criticized the ad and found it childish. The ad gains much popularity but it looks like it gains much slander than praises. Fans have been showing their anger and disappointment through social media continuously.

Star Sports did same kind of advertisement back in 2017 before the final of the ICC Champions Trophy between India and Pakistan. After the final, they gathered much aspersion for the ad. But it seems they don’t take a lesson from their previous work and so they again come up with the promo which directly humiliates the Pakistan and Bangladesh’s emotions.

Here are some reactions of the video

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