Statement of Dhaka Gladiators managing director Shihab Chowdhury on the ongoing issues

It has been observed that there are information being published in newspaper or televised on few satellite channels are misleading.

It was mentioned in one of the newspaper today that Dhaka Gladiators’ chairman Salim Chowdhury attended hearing with ACSU in Bangkok which is not true. Salim Chowdhury was on business tour while the ACSU visited Dhaka last week. When he failed to attend the meeting, managing director of the franchise, Shiahb Chowdhury met the ACSU team for a hearing.

Dhaka Gladiators chairman contacted with ICC by himself after learning that he was being looked for.

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It is also being said that a person named ‘Ali Akbar’ who is CEO of the Europa Group was also questioned by the anti-graft team. Please not that there is no employee in Europa named ‘Ali Akbar’ and ACSU never questioned any of the employees of Europa.

It was only the managing director of the team, Shihab Chowdhury who was called up for hearing by ACSU. However no comments can be made at this point as the issue is still under investigation.

It has also been observed that there are many appearing on television channels on ‘talk shows’ and are making statement which are not only false but also offensive.

A day ago, former national team and Dhaka Gladiators manager, Shafique-ul Huque Heera stated in a television channel that ‘he left Dhaka Gladiators after the season because he felt that the owners are involved in wrong doings of the game.’ But in real it was Dhaka Gladiators’ decision not to hire him for the second season for professional reasons. There were many occasion when Heera contacted the franchise through e-mails and over the phone before the second season to try and retain his post in the team.

On the other hand, in the same talk show, former Bangladesh Cricket Board director, engineer Mobassher Hossain said that the Board should have sold the BPL teams to those who have a background in sports. This is to clarify that Dhaka Gladiators chairman Salim Chowdhury is a former basketball player of Khulna Abahani Limited and is a life time member of the club. He is also the current vice-president of Bangladesh Basketball Federation and has been involved with the game for last 10 years.

We hope that  the investigation report will be submitted soon. Dhaka Gladiators owners will accept punishment if proven guilty. But it then the franchise requests all to not publish information without authentication as it has and is tarnishing the social image of the franchisee owner.