Steyn’s allegation against Tendulkar seems to be fake

The allegation is serious, it is insulting for Sachin Tendulkar too. After 10 years, Dale Steyn claims that Tendulkar scored a double century that day with the help of the umpire. Despite knowing the dismissal, umpire Ian Gould did not give out Sachin.

Steyn's allegation against Tendulkar seems to be fake

The South African fast bowler appeared with James Anderson in a Sky Sports podcast. “Tendulkar has scored his first double century in ODIs against us in Gwalior,” Steyn said. “I still remember- I lbw him when he was in the 190’s. Ian Gould was in charge of the umpire and he did not give him out.”

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Then Steyn asked the umpire, saying, “Why not give him out!? It’s clear out. Gould pretended like, “Look around – if I let him out, I won’t have to go back to the hotel.”

It is true that on April 24, 2010, the audience in Gwalior was very excited. Albie Morkel, who was on the boundary in the 36th over, was thrown off and the game was stopped for some time. As a result, Umpire Gould had enough reason to frighten the insane spectators. But it is an exaggeration to claim that the umpire will not give out a batsman knowingly.

Did Steyn really get Tendulkar out in the 190’s that day?

There was nothing like that in the commentary of that match. Steyn bowled only 3 balls to Tendulkar after 190 runs. That was in the 47th over. Tendulkar took a single off the first ball of the over. He got strike again in the third ball but he did not get a run. It was a catch but did not reach the bowler. Tendulkar took another single by pushing the ball to the mid-wicket in the next ball. Of course, these three balls were bowled by Steyn to Tendulkar. There is no possibility of LBW in all three balls.

It may be that Steyn got Tendulkar out earlier but in memory it seems to be a range of 190? Let’s check. Before the 47th over, Steyn last bowled Tendulkar in the 37th over. Tendulkar also got three balls in that over. He hit two fours in the fourth and sixth balls. He wanted to do upper cut in the fifth ball, the ball did not hit the bat. And since the shot was upper cut, it means that the ball was not at the height of being lbw. Tendulkar had 139 runs at the beginning of this over.

Earlier, Steyn also bowled in the 35th over. Tendulkar played all six balls. The first ball was pushed to the point but did not get a run. The second ball went for four. Third one was the dot ball. Tendulkar missed the next ball to drive a lot of outside ball. Steyn wanted to do the same in the next ball but this time the batsman was ready and it was four from mid-wicket region. Tendulkar also took a single off the last ball of the over. In other words, there was no possibility of Tendulkar being out in that over.

Earlier, when Steyn last bowled to Sachin, it was in the 11th over. Tendulkar didn’t get half-century then. But in that over or in the previous over, Tendulkar got runs with all the balls of Steyn. Steyn hit a single ball on Tendulkar’s pad throughout the match, in the seventh over. Little Master was then at 28 runs. That ball was also on the leg stump. And there was no appeal in that ball!

As a result, there is no evidence about such a big allegation from Steyn. Of course, it is possible that he forgot the correct information about the incident ten years ago, or that Steyn is mixing this match with the memories of another match.

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