Streak supports Hathurusingha’s decision

Former Zimbabwe pacer Heath Streak is now the head coach of his own country just like Sri Lanka’s Chandika Hathurusingha. Both of them were part of the coaching staff of Bangladesh before.

After the resignation of Hathurusingha, many questioned the coach’s decision but Streak is in the side of his former colleague. In a press conference on Saturday, Streak said: “I was not here on that time. But at the end of the day its true that Hathurusingha is Sri Lankan. Getting the chance of becoming the coach of your own country is a big opportunity. I am sure if any Bangladeshi coach gets this opportunity which coaching a foreign team, he will accept the proposal. Everyone wants to grab that opportunity.”

He added: “I believe Hathurusinga worked very well when he was the coach of Bangladesh. It will be not right if people forget the team’s success under him. Yes, he left before his contract expired, this is hard to take. But he’s family is in Australia, its really tough to do a job very far away from the family. Coaching your own country is a matter of pride also. Everyone wants to become coach of their country.”

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Streak himself was the bowling coach of Bangladesh for two years and he has quite healthy relations with bowlers Mashrafe, Taskin and Mustafizur. He said: “Home away from home, and having spent two years here not so long ago, it was like the just other day that I was here. In Bangladesh, my good friends are Mashrafe, Taskina and Mustafiz. During my coaching career, I spent a lot of time with Rubel too.”

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