'Take a look in the mirror' Mickey Arthur tells Umar Akmal to after statement

South African-born Mickey Arthur had a tumultuous relationship with the Akmal brothers during his tenure as Pakistan head coach.

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Mickey Arthur has responded to the allegations made against him by Umar Akmal. Mickey Arthur has urged Umar Akmal to take a look back at his own behavior before claiming the former manager has retired.
The former coach responded to the tweet by renowned Pakistani sports journalist Aalia Rasheed, who cited Umar's allegations.
"Mickey Arthur ruined my career. The selection committee at the time and the local coaches didn't support me," Aalia quoted Umar as saying in her tweet.
The South African-born coach, who is one of cricket's most respected thinkers, had an awkward relationship with the Akmal brothers. After leaving his role in 2019, Arthur had revealed the reasons behind the sour relationships in several interviews.
Arthur said that Umar Akmal is quite arrogant and doesn't like to improve his fitness, the same problem he had with his brother Kamran.
“I found him arrogant in the academy incident. He went to our fitness trainer, Grant Luden, and asked him about his fitness regimen, even though he's had six to seven of them in the past," Mickey had previously told Arthur in 2020.
"He then goes to Grant Flower and asks 'Can I have a hit?' which I thought was incredibly arrogant," Arthur added on BSports Pakistan's official YouTube channel.
"There I told him, let's go and talk. I told him that before you come to the academy to use our facilities, you need to sort things out first, including improving fitness and grading runs. I might have used a few stronger words, but that should shock him into some sort of action," the former coach had explained.
"If Pakistan picked him again I would be very surprised and it would be a very bad decision," Arthur had said.
Akmal's charge against Arthur was that the manager was abusive, but in a new interview he has claimed Arthur destroyed his career.
When Arthur read the accusation on Twitter, he responded with harsh words, asking Umar to hold the mirror up to his face, indicating that it was the cricketer himself who brought about his own downfall.