“Team India will win the World Cup 2019”-predicts Kerala numerologist

The 12th edition of the ICC Cricket World Cup is going in full swing and simply the whole cricket world are predicting the winners on their own way. But the biggest prediction came from a Kerala-based numerologist M.K. Damodaran. He predicted India will win the ICC Men’s World Cup 2019.

India v New Zealand – ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 Warm Up

M.K. Damodaran, a resigned government authority situated in the Kannur area, has accurately predicted a few occasions in the sporting and political field through numerology. “Team India will win the World Cup this year,” Damodaran said while predicting the outcome of team India in the ongoing World Cup.

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“Indian skipper Virat Kohli’s birth number is 5 and mysterious number likewise 5. Strangely, Dhoni and Kohli are numerological birds of the same feather. The destiny number of Kohli likewise is 33. Dhoni and Kohli have a stunning science,” said Damodaran.

He also said: “Kohli’s date of birth is 5/11/1988 and Sun sign Scorpio, which is identified with number 9. Thus, numbers 3, 6 and 9 are fortunate for him. Kohli’s destiny number is 33 and the age the most fortunate 30 (3+0=3). These components show Kohli and Dhoni will lift the third World Cup for India.”

Damodaran also matched Kohli with the 1983 World Cup winning captain Kapil Dev. India lifter their first World Cup trophy in 1983. “Numbers 3, 6 and 9 were fortunate for him, whose birth number is 6 and mysterious number 30 (3+0=3). As skipper, he won the World Cup in 1983(1+9+8+3=21). “It was the third Cricket World Cup and Kapil was only 24 years at that point (2+4=6).

“Presently, it’s twelfth World Cup (1+2=3) by numerology, 3 and 12 have a place with a similar family,” the numerologist said.

Damodaran had told IANS in 2011, numbers 2, 6 and 7 assumed a conspicuous role in the plan of things of M.S. Dhoni, whose “destiny number is 33”. And he was successful in his predictions in 2011. He predicted the right winners for the ICC World Cup 2011 as he picked MS Dhoni’s India to win the World Cup. However, Indian fans will obviously hope that his prediction will prove correct again.

India had started the World Cup with much better performance as they are only two team who are unbeaten in this World Cup. They beat South Africa and Australia in their first two matches. And their last match had been washed out due to rain against New Zealand. Team India will face Pakistan in the most highly anticipating contest of this World Cup in June 16, Sunday at Old Trafford in Manchester.

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