Teams got to be really worried about Bangladesh in future – McKenzie

Former Bangladesh batting consultant Neil McKenzie heaped praise on the advancement of the Bangladesh Tigers in world cricket. He pointed the probable destination of Bangladesh Tigers in near future and he insisted that the teams gotta careful about Bangladesh while talking in a interview with Cricbuzz.

Teams got to be really worried about Bangladesh in future - McKenzie

Neil McKenzie was appointed as the batting consultant in shortest formats for the Tigers in 2016. He stepped down as the batting coach recently. He talked about the future of the Bangladesh team and the strong aspects as well as the weakness of the team while talking in the same interview.

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McKenzie was asked about the reasons of vulnerable performance of Bangladesh in the last ICC world cup 2019. The former batting coach feels that although Bangladesh had a good start , but couldn’t continue the flow. He also reasoned the young side of Bangladesh compared to the much experienced other teams.

“I think you know the last World Cup we started really well. We had a good game against South Africa. I think the biggest game sort of couldn’t afford to get rained out was that Sri Lankan game. Not to say we would have beaten Sri Lanka but I think the way they were playing and the way we were playing I think that would have put us in a good position.

“I think we squeezed New Zealand quite close. So, international cricket is cut-throat, you got everybody’s countries best side going for the major trophy obviously the World Cup. So, you know we had an youngish side in terms of you know obviously we got some experienced (players) but there were a couple of young guys making their marks. If you look at the other teams we were up against, there were some serious sides around. I thought we did pretty well. When I say pretty well I think we’re pretty close. It wasn’t like we’re far off,” McKenzie said.

Although, Bangladesh is struggling in the big stages for couple of years to make a fruitful end but the former coach feels that Bangladesh has showed their resistance and suffered the opponents. He also insisted that , in near future it’s gonna be a big reason to other teams to make count Bangladesh as the leading team.

“In terms of the right end of that result and then obviously playing India, England they are big teams and not to say we can’t beat them but you are really gonna be on top of your game and I thought England were really on top of their game.

”I think we definitely could have made the qualifying stages. Disappointed about that but I think we showed enough signs that you got to be really worried about Bangladesh in the future.” McKenzie said.


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