Tension free Al Amin about his action

Al Amin Hossain at airportPacer Al – Amin Hossain seems free from all hazards mentally even after being accused for suspected bowling action. He believes that his bowling action is all right. ICC umpires accused him for suspected bowling action in the first test against West Indies. In the second test he got hurt during bowling in the second test and left the field after 4 over of bowling. He has done the MRI after coming back in Dhaka and it is seen that Al – Amin fall into level – 1 injury. Doctors said him to take rest for at least 2 weeks.

On the other hand, Al – Amin will be examined for suspected bowling action in the Laffbarro National Cricket Performance center in Leicestershire in 3rd of October. He will leave Dhaka in 1st of October. But now it is not possible to get cured within this time. A BCB source said that if Al – Amin will not be able to get cured within this period of time, they will ask for the time extension for examination.

Al – Amin visited his home district Jhinaidoho after doing the MRI. He said, “In fact I’ve nothing to do. Umpires thought that I have problems but I don’t think so. I don’t think anything negative will happen.” He again said, “It could be happened because I bowled a lot of over in that day and fielded hardly also. I was indeed feeling tired so it might look like that. I’ve watched the videos later and I didn’t find any problems

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When asked whether he is taking special preparations for the examination, Al – Amin said, “No, I can’t change my action. I’ll bowl the way I bowl in the matches.” About talking with the players who have already appeared in the tests, Al –Amin said, “No they are all spinners and I’m a pacer. We are different, but I’ve talked with the match referee.” Last of all Al – Amin said confidently, “I don’t think anything negative will happen. Everything will be fine.”

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