‘The spot-fixers should be hanged’: Javed Miandad

Former Pakistan captain and one of the best batsmen in the country’s history, Javed Miandad, feels that those cricketers involved in match fixing should be hanged.

'The spot-fixers should be hanged': Javed Miandad

He also felt that such a small punishment is not enough for the fixers. He demanded that the fixing be the same as killing people, and that one should be hanged.

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In a video chat on YouTube, he said,

“The players who are involved in fixing should be punished the hardest. In my opinion, the spot-fixers should be hanged. Because fixing means killing someone. So the punishment should be equal.”

Miandad also reminded that fixing is a violation of the discipline of Islam. “An example (against fixing) should be made so that no other player is afraid to even think about it,” he said. “These things also insult our teaching of Islam. So the punishment should be the same.”

At this time, the context of Mohammad Amir-Mohammad Asif comes. Miandad felt that the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) had not done well by giving Amir an opportunity to play international cricket again. Because they not only cheated on cricket, they also humiliated their families.

According to Miandad, “PCB is not doing well by forgiving fixers. Those who bring those players back should be ashamed of themselves. The players who do the wrong thing are not even aware of their family, parents. Their belief is not right either. Judging from the human side, their work is not good. They have no right to live.”


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