There is nothing to be surprised in Cricket: Al Amin

Al Amin, who is having a good time with the ball in the ongoing Bangladesh Premier League (BPL) has been hit by a bad news and it is something which henis familiar with. 

The right arm pacer has been again reported for suspect bowling action. Though the young pacer is not worried about this at the moment and he only wants to concentrate in the ongoing BPL.

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He said in a press conference on Monday: “Actually I am not thinking about my bowling action now. I am thinking about BPL only. Because its better to think only about the problems which arrives.”

Al Amin was reported first for suspect bowling actiom back in 2024 and he also mentioned about this: “I was reported in International cricket in 2014 before. I gave exam and nothing happened. My bowling action was okay. That’s why I continued with same bowling action. If they can find out the problem, then I will change my action.”

He added: “The delivery for which question arised, they will see the footage of that delivery. If they sees problem in it, they will take exam.”

Accepting the reality, Al Amin also said: “There is nothing to be surprised in Cricket. Sometimes good decisions will come while sometimes bad. Sometimes it might help you while sometimes it can go against you. There is nothing to be worried.”

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