There is only one solution to prevent coronavirus: Sourav Ganguly

There is only one solution to prevent coronavirus: Sourav Ganguly

Some because of unconsciousness, and others, with great confidence, say that nothing will happen to them in coronavirus. Sourav Ganguly, the former captain of the Indian cricket team, took a hand in the traditional way of assuming people.

According to him, nobody is safe from coronavirus. Because no one knows how the virus enters the human body or its treatment or what? – But a solution to prevent it is known to Ganguly. That’s what he said through a video message.

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Calling everyone to be at home with awareness, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) President said,

“For all the people of the world, I want to say that the present time is a difficult test. But we will fight against it. Follow the instructions of the Central Government, the Provincial Government, the Health Organization. As they say, living in homes is more important, isolation is more important. Stay safe, stay healthy.”

He also said, “And the biggest thing is, be aware, don’t worry too much about anything. Do not think that you will not suffer from coronavirus. Because when it comes, you have nowhere to go.”

Talking about the only solution to prevent coronavirus, Ganguly said, “Isolation is very important and you should remain in detention. I know it’s very difficult, not easy at all. But that is the only solution to fight against coronavirus. Because no one knows how it enters our bodies and no one knows what it is! So be aware, stay indoors. The good days will come, we will fight.”

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