Top 10 best finishers in modern cricket

The cricket term ‘finisher’ has gained unparalleled importance since birth of modern Cricket. Nowadays, Cricket matches are decided by extremely fine margins and therefore, a batsman capable of turning a critical situation into an opportunity to guide the team home becomes invaluable with Victory.

Within recent years there have been several finishers who have named themselves as ‘Finisher’ with explosive batting the cricket field. Former Pakistani batsman Javed Miandad was one of the earliest explosive finishers whereas the likes of Michael Bevan, Abdul Razzaq and Aravinda Da Silva ruled the late 1990s and early 2000s lately.

It’s said that all finishers are batsmen but all batsmen cannot be finishers. It means that not every player has the nerves of steel to deal with ever-increasing asking run-rate. This is such a batting style that involves smashing 4s and 6s at will.  These qualities make these  batsmen one of the most reliable players in a team.

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Here is the list of 10 finishers in the history of modern cricket:

1. MS Dhoni (India):

Top 10 best finishers in modern cricket

There are very few players in world cricket who can handle pressure with as much as former India captain MS Dhoni can. Although he is still one of the best-equipped batsmen to come up with power-hitting when the pressure is turned to drown a match. His attribute of running hard between the wickets and being a step ahead of the bowler places him on a higher position.

Dhoni appeared in international cricketing arena in 2005 with a blistering knock against their rival, Pakistan. He is known as ‘captain cool’. Dhoni has an average of more than 100 in India’s successful run chases and has amassed more than 2100 runs while chasing in a winning cause for India. May be his finest moment is considered during the 2011 World Cup, where his brilliant knock of 91* helped India to win the World Cup 28 years later.

2. AB De Villiers (South Africa):

Top 10 best finishers in modern cricket

AB De Villiers is probably the best finisher after MS Dhoni. His true batting power peeps into play during the death overs of the match. This South African dynamic batsman has a great ability to finish the game in a lucrative style. He scored the seventh fastest century in ODI cricket, in 58 balls, when he scored an unbeaten 102 off just 59 balls against India in Ahmedabad.  He is known as master run-chaser and holds the record for scoring the fastest fifty (16 balls), hundred (31 balls) and fastest hundred and fifty (62 balls) in ODIs. He is widely known as ‘MR.360for his Fabulous batting style. He can score in any direction in the field.

3. Jos Buttler (England):

Top 10 best finishers in modern cricket

English wicket-keeper batsman has catapulted his game into another level and proved himself as one of the best finishers of all time. In ODIs, he has average of 39.7 with an astounding strike rate of 116.97. Although his combination of strike rate and average both demands him to be one of the best batsman of modern cricket. The wicketkeeper batsman has bestowed with the gift of mixing efficiency with extravagance and has rarely ever let his side down whenever the team was in a crucial stage. If he continues in the same fashion, he might even stake a claim to being one of the best ever alongside a certain MS Dhoni.

Though talks of a comparison with the Indian could yet be a little too early, but there is no doubt that Buttler is head and shoulders above his peers in the art of finishing currently.

4. Andre Russell (West Indies):

Top 10 best finishers in modern cricket

Right now, there’s no better cricketer in world cricket who can obliterate bowling assaults without breaking a sweat as Andre Russell. Russell, who muscles the ball at whatever point it hits the meat of his bat, is enormously respected for his six-hitting capacities. The Caribbean all-rounder love to hit sixes, and particularly when it is the need of great importance in the death overs. His consistency is much increasingly terrifying for the bowling team.

5. Eoin Morgan (England):

Top 10 best finishers in modern cricket

Alongside being a World cup winning captain, Eoin Morgan is additionally perhaps the best finisher of this period. He has the capacity to hit the hotshots. He’s frequently viewed as one from the Dhoni’s school of captaincy, as somebody who will in general remain as quiet as a cucumber even in the hardest of circumstances.

He has the game attention to play as indicated by the circumstance. It is uncommon that for Morgan not completing games for England and driving his group to a triumph. He’s the last man to surrender and on most events, conveys to see his team over the line.

6. Glenn Maxwell (Australia):

Top 10 best finishers in modern cricket

The energetic Australian all-rounder Glenn Maxwell has frustrating and charming  equal measure of reputation  in his international career. But with the passage of time, under his new role, he seems to be one of the ideal batsmen to fit the finisher suit for any situation. Maxwell is capable of scoring from the beginning of his innings. In addition, he is equally capable of handling both seam and spin very well, specially making him a difficult proposition to handle him in the death overs of the match.

After his arrival on the international cricket, Maxwell hasn’t yet done justice to his immense talent he has got. Although he strikes at an impressive rate of over 120 runs per 100 balls, a middle average of 32 is hardly an indicator of his vast potential.

7. Ben Stokes (England):

Top 10 best finishers in modern cricket

English all-rounder Ben stokes endured a massive start to 2018 as he was banned for violating disciplinary rules. He has overcome that incident and now looks hungry again to take the world back by storm with both ball and bat.

Stokes has been an compulsory part in the English side over the past few years and his displays explain why he has such adoration. Although he hasn’t been able to mitigate the expectations, he still has done enough to ensure he is one of the first names on the team for any format.

Besides, the all-rounder possesses all the shots in the book and is a tough man to stop once he starts hitting.

Batting at No.5 for England, he has been an indispensable part of the team. When the team is under pressure he can brings out the match from clogged situations. Consistency is a virtue and an attribute that distinguishes the good from the great which stokes have as a bless.

8. David Miller (South Africa):

Top 10 best finishers in modern cricket

David Miller is known as the popular title ‘Miller, the killer’. The South African has been around the international cricket for about a decade and has managed to turn in some truly memorable batting displays in different leagues and tournaments.

The left-hander initially made his name around the cricketing nation with the charming power he displayed in the IPL. He is much capable of clearing any hustle situation and to be cool under pressure for carrying his team home.

9. Ross Taylor (New Zealand):

Top 10 best finishers in modern cricket

New Zealand batsman Ross Taylor is a batsman who is more than capable of taking world class bowlers head-on. He displayed pull-shots and slog-sweeps, his free-flowing game which makes him more popular with the crowd. It was during the IPL and the Champions Trophy, that fans in Bangalore actually cheered for him and called him their “local hero” for his class batting display.

10. Mahmudullah Riyad (Bangladesh):

Top 10 best finishers in modern cricket

It’s Mahmudullah Riyad whom people used to mock at for his slow approach to the innings. But with the passage of time he proved himself as an explosive batsman not only that he has become one of the best finishers in modern Cricket. He is the First Bangladeshi batsman to pick a century in a World Cup event. The historic omission of England in the Quarter final match from 2015 ICC World Cup, Mahmudullah picked a century in that match. Moreover, in the last event of champion trophy. His hundred against New Zealand took Bangladesh to Quarter final. His explosive innings at the end of the innings led the team to Victory Many times. His power hitting ability makes him one of the best finisher in world cricket.


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