Trouble with salaries of cricketers in six T20 leagues including BPL

At least one-third of cricketers playing in the ongoing domestic T20 leagues around the world are facing problems of not being paid or being paid late. This information has come up in the annual report of the players. The Federation of International Cricketers’ Associations (FICA) says at least 34 per cent of players face pay issues.

Trouble with salaries of cricketers in six T20 leagues including BPL

According to the FICA report, players in six leagues have been facing pay issues in recent times. Only Bangladesh Premier League (BPL) is on the list of ICC full member countries. The other five tournaments are Global T20 Canada, Abu Dhabi T10, Euro T20 Slam, Qatar T10 and the Masters Champions League.

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Although BPL is the only big name in the list, the world’s biggest stars have also played in Global T20 Canada, Abu Dhabi T10 and Euro T20 Slam. The cricketers did not want to play in Canada’s Global Twenty20 last year due to salary issues. The Euro T20 Slam was canceled due to the same problem.

FICA has appealed to the ICC to resolve this issue of remuneration. “Systematic contract breaches and non-payment of players are issues that urgently need addressing,” Tom Moffat, FICA’s CEO, said.

“The ICC has an obligation to protect people working within its regulatory frameworks and it’s time something was done about this issue.

“We continue to urge decision-makers to work with FICA at global level, and players’ associations at domestic level, to develop joint solutions to issues highlighted in these reports.”

There is no organization of players in several countries including India and Pakistan. Therefore, the number of players suffering from fee problems is much higher. The cricketers’ organization is not letting the issue of remuneration go lightly this time. They are waiting for a positive decision soon.

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