Twitter in shock as Smith collapses after being hit by Archer’s bouncer

The cricket fraternity is in a state of shock and everyone knows what it is. The 4th day of the second Ashes Test cricket championship between England and Australia was completely overshadowed by England’s Jofra Archer as he delivered two brutal blows to Australia’s Steve Smith with a bouncer, forcing him to interrupt his chances of participation in the game owing to injury.

Twitter in shock as Smith collapses after being hit by Archer's bouncer
Steve Smith gets knocked down after being hit by Jofra Archer’s brutal bouncer.

Steve Smith got rid of the first hit relatively unharmed, as it struck his forearm but the second one was even more terrible as it hit him right on the neck region, just beneath the helmet, thereby knocking him out as he fell on the ground quickly.

After witnessing the incident, the Twitter users tagged the incident “frightening”, while others say that Jofra Archer is “the most lethal bowler in world cricket” of our time.

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Check out the tweets:

Besides all these comments, there were others throwing harsh words on Jofra Archer as he was seen smiling in the company of his teammate Jos Buttler after Steven Smith got hurt. The netizens cited that Archer’s laugh was rather inappropriate at the time when Smith was knocked down.

Despite the harsh criticism and backlash, Archer faced online, many netizens came to the UK bowler’s defence, citing that he actually looked shocked right after the incident and that could be a way to cope with or hide this.

“Lot of anger directed online at Jofra Archer overreaction to bouncer that hit Steve Smith. To me, Archer looked rattled immediately after, walked away more in shock than indifference. Don’t know about smile but would be surprised he took glee from hurting Smith,” one Twitter said while defending Jofra Archer.

“A smile can often be a facade hiding other emotions….don’t judge Jofra Archer unless you know exactly what was going through his mind after he hit Smith. I reckon he’d be thanking his lucky stars Smith seems OK,” the other one wrote.

Despite picking up an unexpected injury off Archer’s bowling, Smith made a rebound to the game later in the session after being shortly assessed by a doctor. As per the latest statement by the team, Smith is expected to undergo further check-ups in the near future as a result of the 2 blows that he received during the match.

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