Two cricket coaches’ dead bodies found in a stadium of South Africa

Two cricket coaches' dead bodies found in a stadium of South Africa

A sudden and unexpected news has astounded the cricket community of South Africa. Two cricket coaches were found dead in Laudium Stadium situated in South-West Pretoria, South Africa. Other two severely wounded people were also found in another room who were further taken to hospital in emergency. [বাংলায় পড়ুনঃ দক্ষিণ আফ্রিকায় স্টেডিয়াম থেকে দুই কোচের লাশ উদ্ধার]

Two dead coaches were identified; they are Given Nkosi (24), and Charlson Maseko (26). Two other injured were identified; KFC Mini-Cricket co-ordinator Kagiso Masubelele (27) and Laudium Hub Head Coach and co-ordinator Obed Harvey Agbomadzie (27).

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Police informed that the dead bodies had the mark of being killing though the motive is still not clear to them.

A local cricketer named Umar Assad came early that morning and then found the bodies in the washroom of the stadium. Then he immediately informed the security personnel who further informed police at 7.00 am local time.

“He informed the security guards who contacted the police at 07:00 this morning. We found hitting mark on the heads of both. We are not still sure about the motive.” said police spokesperson Captain Augustinah Selepe.

All four men were the resident of that stadium’s living quarters. They were involved in different jobs of Cricket South Africa and Northern Cricket programs. The case is under South Africa Police and they are investigating.

CSA President Haroon Lorgat said, “This has come as a great shock to the entire Cricket South Africa community. These are all dedicated cricket administrators and coaches who have been making a huge difference to the communities in which they operate, providing an important source of hope, particularly to our youth. What they have been doing goes far beyond the game of cricket.”

This shocking news gave a discomfort to the cricketers and administrators because Bangladesh Cricket Team’s going to depart to SA after two days in this 16th September.

-Abu Sayem Dosar