Very happy I don’t have to face Steve Smith again: Steyn

Dale Steyn hit the headlines recently for showering praise on Australia’s best batsman Steve Smith for his potential to taunt the bowlers with such ease and especially the manner in which he confuses the bowlers of the line they should be bowling.

Very happy I don't have to face Steve Smith again: Steyn

South African veteran even said that he is delighted that he did not have to face Smith anymore.

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In an interview with, Dale Steyn added that it was tough to get wird players like Shivnarine Chanderpaul and Steve Smith out because of their otherwise batting technique.

“When I bowled to batters like Michael Vaughan or Jacques Kallis who (were) classical, technically perfect, sound batters, I always found that I could get them out,” added Steyn who recently retired from Test cricket.

“It was only the weird guys that came around, like Shiv Chanderpaul and Steve Smith, they really confuse you about the line you should be bowling. Whether that should be on the stumps (or) outside the stumps.

“Steve has come … and with his technique that he’s naturally developed, he’s just confusing bowlers left, right and centre. They literally don’t know where to bowl to this guy. And while they’re trying to work that out, he’s clubbing them all over the place and scoring runs at the same time.”

Last but not least, Dale Steyn credited Steve Smith for his strange batting technique. Steyn added, “He’s just in a league of his own right now and I’m very happy that I don’t have to play Test matches against him ever again. He’s wonderful, he’s got a great eye and a very difficult and weird technique to work out, which is working for him beautifully.”

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