Video: Derbyshire’s Harvey Hosein’s bulls-eye flick catches day-dreaming Hassan Azad off-guard

During a match in Bob Willis Trophy, Leicestershire’s Hassan Azad, who was caught loitering away from his crease, was left embarrassed by a sharp underarm flick from Harvey Hosein and on such incident, fans across the internet can’t but laugh at the foolishness of the batsman.

Video: Derbyshire’s Harvey Hosein's bulls-eye flick catches day-dreaming Hassan Azad off-guard

Recently, the Bob Willis Trophy has become an array of endless entertainment to the cricketing fans as it’s providing entertainment regularly with a less cricket on this pandemic. Cricket’s most bizarre and humiliating dismissal, a ‘stumping’ off a fast bowler, was seen in the picture, during the first day of a North Group match between Derbyshire and Leicestershire. Leicestershire’s veteran Hassan Azad left a delivery from Luis Reece only to casually look back and admire at his stance n an attempt to negate the swinging delivery and remove the caught-behind dismissal.

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On the other hand, Derbyshire’s young-keeper Harvey Hosein was alert and effective as he immediately flicked the ball underarm to catch the southpaw wandering outside his crease. While the batsman was shadow-practicing for the next delivery. Usually, a batsman tends to come back to his crease once the ball has been left or played but in this case, a day-dreaming Hassan could only manage to throw away his wicket cheaply following cricket’s comeback in the country.