VIDEO | Devastating inswinger KO’s Burnham as grounded batsman watches two stumps fly

During a match of Bob Willis Trophy, Matt Fisher bowled unplayable, ridiculous, devastating inswinging-yorker that the delivery floored the batsman and made him witness his own stumps flying on Monday.

There are various types of deliveries but he term ‘yorker’ is often misused by the commentators. The low full-tosses which come towards batsmen at an awkward angle is termed as the Yorker but half-volleys which batsmen fail to punish are sometimes labelled ‘yorkers’ by commentators. But on Monday, on Day 3 of the Bob Willis Trophy clash between Yorkshire and Durham, there was no mislabelling, for Matt Fisher bowled a perfect example of Yorker display.

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Having a 125-run-lead in their hands, Durham was 221/3 in their second innings. Yorkshire skipper handed over the ball to Matt Fisher to get his side back into the game and the spearhead delivered instantly. After he took over , what Fisher did three overs later that has sent Twitter into a wonder.

A new batsman Jack Burnham was batting at that time. The right-armer Fisher, who had just one wicket to his name in the innings, bowled a vicious, death-dealing, toe-crushing inswinging yorker that swung all the way from sixth-stump into the right-handed batsman’s leg-stump. Burnham did not see the delivery coming, was completely caught off-guard, to the extent that the full nature of the ball, which swung a mile and almost struck his toes, left him floored and his stumps started flying.

Being Dejected and defeated, Burnham then picked himself up and walked back to the pavilion dejected without looking back. Although there was nothing he could have done about the delivery. Certainly a contender for the best moment of the 2020 Bob Willis Trophy.


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