Video: Finch’s DRS review for LBW appeal will shock you

Earlier, while there was no effective use of technology, everyone counted on the umpires to make the right judgement. At times, judgement may be wrong leaving either of the team’s fan base in utter frustration.

Video: Finch's DRS review for LBW appeal will shock you
When DRS went wrong

In a bid to avoid human errors, technology was brought into effect and one of which was DRS known as the Decision Review System. But little did we know that even the technology would make such a blunder. In the recently-concluded match between India and Australia, Aussie skipper Aaron Finch’s DRS review for “LBW appeal” will certainly leave you shocking to the core.

He was outsmarted by Kuldeep Yadav after being trapped for an LBW in front of the wicket while Finch opted for the backfoot. Yadav caught him on the backfoot and managed to hit him on the pads.

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The Indians were confident of it and appealed after which the umpire gave out. But Finch reviewed the decision and the “ball-tracking” clearly depicted to be pitching into middle and leg. Nonetheless, the computer miscalculated the pitching of the ball and showed some other area where it pitched.

It was quite clear that DRS failed at spotting where the ball had pitched and this is not the first time that the DRS has come under fire causing too much debate over the dismissals as it has raised many eyebrows for many controversial decisions earlier as well.

As you can see in the video, the computer miscalculates the pitching of the ball and instead shows a new point slightly to the right side at which ball hits the pitch. The video raised confusions over the decision and as a result, the umpire had to overturn the dismissal.

Although Aaron Finch clearly seems to be out, the misjudgment of the DRS system is a big drawback. Fans took to social media to blast the faulty DRS system used in the match. Here are some of the tweets:

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