VIDEO: Hilarious scene happened in Scottish League as stumps stands upfront after flying in the air

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In the sports of cricket, we have seen a lot of funny incidents in the field. But, only a few get noticed and other incidents either no one is watching or it’s not televised. However, the cricket has seen a hilarious incident in Scottish League thanks to the growth in digital production.

The Scottish Regional Cricket Pro Series started their own T20 tournament without the audience. But, they keep entertaining their fans by engaging with the fans on the social media platform. During the high-scoring game between Caledonian Highlanders and Eastern Knights, there were a lot of moments to enjoy, but nothing can beat the moment of Cameron’s delivery to Knight’s Heirs.

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On the third delivery of the 8th over, Cameron bowled a slow yorker. The batsman who wanted to slog the ball, could not judge the ball pace, had to swing the bat earlier than expected, which resulted in the ball disturbs the furniture.

When they were due to wicket, Cameron bowled a brilliant delivery and as they started to celebrate the wicket, the funniest thing happened on the field. The stump flew in the air and after making three-four rounds in the air, it landed on the ground in an upfront manner.

Watch the video here:

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