Video: Moeen Ali’s brain fade moment

Cricket is not just an unpredictable game but a game of making clear-cut judgments and only then one can make a statement for himself while playing the game. At times, those judgements can go wrong and if one is fortunate he can survive but England’s Moeen Ali wasn’t lucky on the day as he faced one brain-fade moment while taking on Nathan Lyon.

Video: Moeen Ali's brain-fade moment
Moeen Ali completely misjudged the line and length of Lyon’s ball.

Moeen Ali’s misjudgment sent his off-stump crashing and thereby gifting the Aussies a wicket.

Even after some couple of days of busy cricket, the pitch still offered plenty for the spinners.

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The burden was then on Lyon’s shoulder to deliver after being given the ball. The 31-year-old off spinner was at his immense best as he dismissed Rory Burns inflicting an outside edge to wicketkeeper Tim Paine.

Then came Moeen Ali and the action just switched to the highly-anticipated Ali-Lyon contest, with the Australian having earlier dismissed Ali seven times previously in Test Cricket.

After knicking the first ball away finely off his pads for four runs, Ali was happy enough to tread the next three deliveries with caution and defending was not easy at all for the batsman who had to calculate and execute the plans to perfection.

While Lyon was deftly spinning the ball away from Ali, the latter adjusted his technique accordingly, for the initial four deliveries.

Nonetheless, on facing his fifth ball, Ali had a brain fade moment when he completely miscalculated the turn of the ball, shouldering arms to a straight ball, which led to the ball crashing on to his off-stump.

With the turn that he saw in the first four balls playing on the back of his mind, the southpaw judged another one to turn away from him, but to his shock, the ball went rattling his off-stump.

The battle between Lyon and Ali is getting intense as it is the 8th time that Lyon has accounted for Ali’s wicket.

Watch the video:

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