Video: Prime minister sharing light moments with Shakib’s daughter

It is quite know to everyone that all-rounder Shakib Al Hasan and his wife has a very close relationship with the honourable prime minister Sheikh Hasina. [আরও পড়ুনঃ বিসিবিকে একহাত নিলেন বুলবুল]

It has been noticed once again as Shakib visited Sheikh Hasina’s house with his family. Shakib’s wife Ummey Al Hasan posted some photos and videos on her facebook profile and praised her for being so caring towards her daughter.

She said: “Alayna spent some good quality time with our honourable prime minister today! Such an awesome motherly and caring person she is.”

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The picture and the video show the prime minister was playing and sharing some light moments with Shakib’s daughter Alayna.

Watch the video here-

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