Video: Smith falls to unusual run-out

Just after a couple of days from the one of the most bizarre dismissals of Azhar Ali in the history of game, the game has seen another funniest run-out in the same week itself.

Another Bizzare runout in the same week

This time the incident happened in a domestic first-class match in New Zealand. New Zealand domestic team Otago Volts’ batsmen have presented yet another hilarious way to get run-out in the game.

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The first class tournament Plunket Shield is under way in New Zealand now. The funniest runput happened in the game between Otago Volts and Wellington.

Otagao batsmen Nathan Smith and Michael Rippon got together only to be involved in a hilarious run-out. Rippon flicked the length ball from Hamish Benett to the square leg fielder and an easy couple was on offer.

While turning his way for the second run Rippon slipped out of the crease while his partner Nathan Smith wasn’t aware of this and he was running towards the same end with eye only on the ball.

After coming half-way down the pitch towards the non-striker end only Smith noticed that his partner was down on the field. Since he noticed his partner, Smith tried to return to the striker’s end but unfortunately he also slipped down.

Smith was only able to see the wicket keeper taking the bails off. Smith was lying haplessly on the ground and had no option but to witness his own dismissal much like Ali did the other day in Abu Dhabi.

The same Plunket Shield tournament has witnessed another funniest runout also, not up to the fun in these situations as the batsmen were subjected to a mix in the pitch.
Watch the video here-

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