Wahidul Goni sides Ashraful

Wahidul goni has always been widely known for his ‘mentorship’ in Bangladesh cricket arena. There won’t be much of dispute that Mohammad Ashraful was his ‘best student.’ Mohammad Ashraful had grown up under the mentorship, training and care of him. Therefore Wahidul Goni is kind of a familiar face among the regular follower Bangladesh cricket as well. Those who are the fans of ‘Ash’ they always posses a great deal of respect and gratitude for him. Even after being established as a regular player of the national team he always took advice and training  from him. Whenever he faced any problem with his technique he rushed to his ‘mentor.’ Now, when his ‘best student’ is in great trouble, guru declared to be by him. ‘I had always been by Ashraful and I always will be,’ he says.

Wahidul Goni was also come by surprise when he came to know about those entire allegations rose against him. He also claimed that he never had any kind of indication that Ash has turned into a walker of the dark road. ‘I think Ashraful had been the scapegoat of the whole thing, victim of the situation. He had been involved in this incident all through a different medium. I know him very well. I know him from his very childhood. Ashraful has always been very submissive. Anyone can make anything done by him. I think someone might have the privilege of this.’ Goni said.

Wahidul goni is the person who introduced a jewel named Ashraful in the Bangladesh cricket arena. This former leg spinner of national cricket team had always been the silent technician behind the successes of Ashraful for about an era. While his favorite student is in great distress he couldn’t help standing by him. ‘ Ashraful is in great trouble. I always took credit in his success. I must side with him while he is in danger.’ Goni asserted with a great deal of emotion inside.

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