Warne suggests using heavy balls for swing

There is a heated debate in the cricket world over whether to legalize ball-tampering. The International Cricket Council (ICC) has proposed to legalize ball-tampering, mainly to change the practice of increasing the brightness of the ball using saliva or spits. Now there is a heated debate going on.

Warne suggests using heavy balls for swing

However, at this stage, Australian spin legend Shane Warne described his own formula. “There is no need to legalize ball-tampering,” he told the ICC. “It is possible to solve the problem by using a little heavy ball.”

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According to Shane Warne, if the ball is a little heavy, the pacers will be able to swing and reverse it at will. There will be no need to use saliva or spits, no need to try to artificially increase the brightness of the ball. Health care can also be ensured.

The question of legitimizing ball tampering is coming up because of coronavirus. Attempts to increase brightness using saliva or spits can cause bacterial infections. There is no question if there is any COVID-19 positive in it. The ICC is going to ban the use of saliva or spits, an old practice, out of concern for health care.

Australian ball maker Kookaburra has already announced that it is going to use red wax, which can easily increase the brightness of the ball. There will be no need to use saliva or spits.

Shane Warne said,

“Can’t we make one side of the ball a little heavier. So that the bowlers can swing the ball. Like tape tennis or lawn tennis balls. I’m not sure if you want to lighten the edges of the ball like Wasim Akram and Waqar Younis. Even on flat wickets, the pacers would start giving great results from the second or third day of the Test.”

Pakistan greats Wasim Akram and Waqar Younis usually rubbed one end of the ball brightly and kept the other end dim. This would have made one end of the ball heavier. As a result, reverse swing could be done as desired. Wasim Akram was called the master of reverse swing for this reason.

This is why Shane Warne thinks that a heavy ball can take away from the idea of ​​legalizing illegal acts like ball-tampering. The ICC can review the matter if it wants.

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