Warner flagged possibility of a career in politics

There has been always a curiosity for everyone what a cricketer will do after he retires. Many of the cricketers stick to the works related to cricket while some does things that are completely unrelated to cricket.

Australia T20I captain David Warner has shown possibility of a career in politics once he retires. Warner has been known to interact a little more often with political leaders than most members of the Australian side, famously fronting then Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

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Warner told The Final Word Podcast: “One thing that has been embedded in me since a young age is that I grew up in a housing commission. As a kid, I had to do everything at home with my brother just because my parents worked all the time. So whether it was dishes, ironing – all the normal things you do at home.”

He added: “If you believe in something you are going to have to fight for it and I wasn’t going to stand down because we needed someone out there to speak about it. You can sit back and do what you like but you don’t get anywhere unless someone speaks up and does something.”

On captaincy: “I just like having responsibility and if there is anything that I can do to help anyone, whether it is here at the cricket or even if it is down at the beach or something. If it is something that I can help with and someone needs help, then it is something I’ll be hand up for. That’s just the person that I am. And obviously standing in for Steve there are big shoes to fill. He needs his rest.”