Watch: Archer takes bottle cap challenge to a whole new level

It is no brainer that social Media always comes up with new challenges to keep the fans engaged. Earlier, the ice bucket challenge went viral on all social media platforms and then the bottle flip challenge was doing the rounds on the internet and now the bottle cap challenge is the current trend.

Watch: Archer takes bottle cap challenge to a whole new level
Jofra Archer performs bottle cap challenge as bowler.

To perform the challenge, one has to attempt to uncap a bottle without using conventional techniques.

The challenge instantly spread like wildfire on social media with many celebrities like Jason Statham, Akshay Kumar, John Mayer and many more posting their versions online accounts.

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Most of them tried the challenge by kicking the bottle cap to flip it open. The trend has now slowly spreading in cricket. These cricketers have however, attempted the challenge to a whole new different level.

Former Indian cricketer Yuvraj Singh made a video of himself on this twitter account attempting challenge. He smashed a tennis ball with his bat to uncap the bottle. He also invited Brian Lara, Shikhar Dhawan, Chris Gayle and Sachin Tendulkar to try the challenge.

Sachin Tendulkar was given a tougher challenge as he had to make his attempt as a left-hander.

Shikhar Dhawan also took up Yuvraj Singh’s challenge and replied with a video of his own. Dhawan also informed that this was the first time he had picked a bat after his hand injury at the just-concluded ICC Cricket World cup. Shikhar Dhawan pulled off the challenge pretty well.

Meanwhile, England’s Jofra Archer also joined the bandwagon and to take up the challenge, though as a commercial for ‘soft-drinks’ brand.

However, Archer’s has to be the most unique challenge because he has done this challenge as bowler. The fast bowler put 3 bottles up in the place of the conventional stumps. He then started to send the cap of the off stump bottle flying with his accurate bowling.

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