Watch: Aussies request umpires to change bails

Incidents of bails not dislodging the stumps are many in the game of cricket. It was witnessed during the recently-concluded World Cup and IPL. However, no significant step has been taken to sort out the issue once and for all.

Watch: Aussies request umpires to change bails
Aussies request umpires to change bails as they remained standstill despite the ball crashed into stumps

Every time, the batsman turns out to be lucky when the ball hits the stumps with bails not coming off the groove, which is defying the physics while the bowler deserves huge credit in the first place. It can be a frustrating scenario if you are a bowler and which has what happened during the Ashes series between England and Australia.

Having learnt that the bails failed to come off the groove even after the ball went crashing onto the Joe Root stumps, Aussie players sarcastically requested the on-field umpires to change the bails after they remained standstill.

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We are leaving it to your imagination as to how a bowler would feel after giving absolutely everything by hitting the stumps and still not claiming a wicket to his name.

Aussie fast bowler James Pattinson was not a happy man at all for what he had witnessed during the match. He just couldn’t believe what had happened and the only thing he did was he stared at the stumps.

It all happened during the last ball of the 21st over when Pattinson was keen to trap the big fish Joe Root. In the process, the ball went past the outside edge of Root’s bat and then came a loud noise, seemingly coming off Root’s willow, and as the Aussies appealed, the umpire answered their calls by ruling Joe Root out.

But Root, who knew he clearly knew that he had not hit the ball, went up for a review at the drop of the hat. However, TV replays on the big screen showed that there was a clear noise as the ball passed Root’s bat, but in a strange turn of events, it just came off the stumps, and not his willow to be precise.

Despite the ball at full space hit the stumps and even the off-stump was shaking for a few seconds but the bails remained stationery leaving the Australian side in shock.

In what turned out to be an extremely funny moment, Pattinson was involved in a healthy friendly banter with umpire Joel Wilson, and along with his team captain Tim Paine, suggested the umpire to change the bails, as they sarcastically said that it was impossible to dislodge it off the groove.

Watch the video below:

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