Watch: Australian bowler Mickey Edwards narrowly escapes from a blow to head

Australian women cricketer Mickey Edwards managed to escape from a severe blow to her head with a narrow escape while bowling in a domestic match.

Edwards escaped from a nasty blow

Marsh Cup, one of the important domestic tournament in Australian women cricket is on the floors at the moment. One of the games in the tournament witnessed a narrow escape from a severe blow to the head of Australian women cricketer Mickey Edwards.

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New South Wales bowler Mickey Edwards was bowling when Queensland batter Sam Heazlett decided to attack.The ball came directly towards Mickey Edwards when she was in her follow through after delivering the ball.

Unfortunately the ball came directly to her head and she managed to protect her head by putting her hand infront of the head.. The ball hit her hand and went away from her head.

In a video tweeted by, Edwards can be seen on the pitch for a few moments after receiving the blow, but then gets up and examines the hand which came between the ball and his head, much to everyone’s relief.

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