Watch: Broad requests 3rd umpire to take 4 runs off Marnus

Being a batsman at the striker’s end has its own pros, with one of the factors being the on-field umpire mistakenly awarding the batsman extra runs thinking leg byes when it was actually a shot off the bat in the first place.

Watch: Broad requests 3rd umpire to take 4 runs off Marnus
Stuart Broad requests 3rd umpire to take 4 runs off Marnus

During the Ashes 2019 series between England and Australia, Marnus Labuschagne was awarded four extra runs in one such incident but the bowler Stuart Broad then ruined it completely and got those extra runs taken away from the batsman.

There is nothing so-called ‘luck’ in the game of cricket because even luck has to work sometimes and in Marnus’ case, it didn’t. However, Marnus would be extremely pleased that he has justified his selection right who came in place of the injured Steven Smith.

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Marnus Labuschagne struck third consecutive fifties and dominated England through and through.

It was on Day 3 that the Queenslander continued his innings from where he left off at 53* where he tried to extend the lead for Australia as much as he can. Just four overs into the day, on the fourth ball of the 62nd over, Labuschagne tried to connect Stuart Broad’s short ball, which appeared like it clearly took the top edge before the ball speeding towards the fence.

The umpire declared it as a boundary reckoning that it came off the batsman’s bat and Marnus was fortunate that he got 4 extra runs to his statistics as it took his score to 60*.

However, TV replays on the large screen showed that the ball indeed came off Labuschagne’s helmet and not his bat.

Seeing this scene, Stuart Broad went to the stump mic and shouted “Could you take those four runs off please?” before pleading the umpire to reverse the decision.

In an interesting turn of events, the on-field umpire Joel Wilson appreciated and went on to reverse his decision, correcting the decision and turn it as leg-byes which meant that Marnus’ score went back to 56 and had it not been for Stuart Broad’s cheaky act, Marnus would have got 4 runs.

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