Watch: England’s worst review of all time

Before the DRS technology took over in cricket, the team’s fate entirely relied on umpire’s decisions. Sometimes, it turns out to be right and sometimes wrong and in the end, either of the team gets benefited from the decisions.

Watch: England's worst review of all time
Pat Cummins in action

As times go by, the number of errors committed by the on-field umpires increased drastically and it was when Decision Review System (DRS) came into effect. Though it has managed to wipe out the errors made by the umpires, the players’ inability to go for review is sometimes hilarious.

A worst DRS review was recorded during the iconic Ashes series between England and Australia when Joe Root & Co went for a review, which might as well go down as the worst review ever taken in the game of cricket. England confidently took the review against Pat Cummins after the umpire Aleem Dar ruled a caught-behind decision not-out.

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Much to their shock, TV replays on the large screen showed the ball missing the bat by at least two feet. It all happened during the third ball of the 73rd over, when the debutant Jofra Archer earned praises from Stuart Broad for his spectacular bowling went rushing into Pat Cummins in an attempt to outsmart him.

As Archer delivered a short-pitched delivery, the ball just ebbed past Cummins, who only found himself in an uncomfortable position. The English players quickly appealed as soon as the keeper Jonny Bairstow caught the ball, but the umpire Aleem Dar turned the appeal down.

However, England captain Joe Root, who was pretty convinced that the ball got a nick of Cummins’ glove, went for the review after consulting with his boys.

The replay showed as per ultra-edge the bat was nowhere close to the ball as it missed it by a fair distance (a couple of feet).

Here’s the video:

via Gfycat


via Gfycat

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