Watch : Terrible mess up in the field allowed batsmen running four runs

Batting and bowling alone, can’t win matches apart from batting and bowling, there always require some skill in fielding too. Therefore, fielding is regarded as one of the most vital part of the game. Meanwhile, the game has witnessed many greatest fielders after the inception of cricket.

Cricket ball resting on a cricket bat on green grass of cricket pitch
Cricket ball resting on a cricket bat on green grass of cricket pitch

Besides this, there are also funny instances in the game due to the mistakes done by the cricketers during fielding. Ultimately, the mess-up in fielding costed matches for teams and slipped out of the way. Some sort of elements related to the fielding also adds some fun elements to the game.

In the match 17 of the European Cricket Series played between Stockholm Super Kings and Varmdo Cricket Club in Karsby Cricket Center in Stockholm, a major mistake has done by a fielder. Therefore, the silly mistakes made by the fielders allowed the batsmen to run four runs between the wickets.

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Although, it was a medium length delivery from the bowler and batsman tried to swing his bat in the left direction. Unfortunately, the delivery got edged and went towards the third man region. Instantly, the wicket-keeper chased the ball which was in the air and missed to grab the ball into his gloves. That made the batsmen go for the second run.

Although, the wicket-keeper threw the ball towards the non-striker end and there was no one to stop the throw and hit it with the stumps. Therefore, ball went past the stumps and batsmen went for the third run. Someone came sent back the ball towards the stumps again and the guy who was backing up failed to grab the ball which led the 16 parts of comedy.

Although, there was a high possibility of let the batsman resist to make that lot of runs but mess up in the fielding created such exemplary shameful fielding instances. Not only this, there was also another mess-up happened with the fielding and that allowed batsmen to complete their fourth run easily.

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