Watch: Yuvraj Singh departs after umpiring blunder

Star cricketer Yuvraj Singh picked his bat for the first time as he played his first match after his retirement. After knowing that he would come out and spice up the passage of team’s gameplay, scores of staunch fans came to the stadium only to watch Yuvraj Singh play for his side Toronto Nationals versus Vancouver Knights in the first match of the GT20 season.

Watch: Yuvraj Singh departs after umpiring blunder
Yuvraj Singh gets out on umpiring blunder

But unfortunately, he couldn’t satisfy the fans as he got out due to umpiring blunder. The left-handed batsman hardly made an impact as he scored 14 from 27 balls.

Just as when he was looking to gain control, he was ruled out by the leg umpire during the 17th over of the game. His dismissal clearly seemed to be an umpiring howler.

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After a tough inning, Yuvraj Singh had no other option but to go for big shots as his team was under immense pressure. While he tried to amplify the run rate at the end of the innings, Canadian Rizwan Cheema deceived Yuvraj Singh with a tricky ball where the latter failed to connect the shot properly.

In the process, the ball nicked the bat and went straight to the wicket-keeper behind the stumps who dropped the catch.

In an interesting turn of events, the ball just deflected off the keeper’s gloves and finally ended up hitting the stumps.

Nevertheless, during the same time, when the ball had dislodged the bails, Yuvraj Singh had his foot well inside the crease and the same thing was shown in the TV replays.

After that, Yuvraj’s feet got outside the crease after a few seconds. The leg umpire after watching this scene thought that Yuvraj was well outside the crease and then declared him out. The disappointed Yuvraj Singh walked backed towards the pavilion while the TV replays were shown.

Watch the video below:

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