What Tigers must do today

Warner's wicket special to MustafizurSaleque Sufi
With the fate of exciting test in the border line the role of tigers today is well carved. Even a draw would secure the series in favor.

But Bangladesh cannot afford to play safe and play defensively yet. Two complete days of 6 sessions especially the all-important fifth day still left. The visitors are 72 runs ahead with their tip of the tail together at the wicket.

They will have to aggressively bowl and field today putting intense pressure on Bangladesh. Win the test and square the series will be their only target. Wicket has also started doing a bit.

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The first target of team tigers today when they start batting would be wiping of the deficit if possible by lunch time and then start building the lead. Playing out time would be as useful as scoring runs.

Bangladesh must not let all left handed batsmen to bat in cluster together. Mushfique, Sabbir and Nasir must be punched in between making left and right combination creating issues for Llyon.

The key would be judging Lyons length early and avoid going back to him as much as possible. He is a skiddy customer and loves trapping batsmen right in front.

In the first innings all four left handers fell to him LBW defending on the back foot to balls which perhaps could be defended at half cock. We are not sure how much turn and bounce would be there today.

But we have not seen many balls snaking till now or misbehaving. Bangladesh does not play test cricket too often. Even domestic cricket does not have regular quality longer version matches.

Taking tests to day five rarely happens as wickets crumbles and matches played in ODI modes mostly. So whenever matches enter into day four and five sometime fatigues get better of the players.

Hope senior pros would help keep focus going. Test cricket after all is also test of patience, temperament and endurance also. The extreme heat and humidity in Chittagong at times made players struggle.

We have seen how young Handscomb applied on day two. He almost collapsed while batting. Still he went on and on. His partnership with Warner pulled Australia out of a deep hole. One or two Bangladeshi players have to demonstrate that kind of resolve.

We are sure Tamim would not fail a second time. He is in prolific form. If he sets anchor batting can rotate around him and Mushfiqur, Soumya, Shakib, Sabbir and Nasir may not be expected playing holding game.

Batting out four sessions till lunch of day five would make the test and series secure for the tigers. But one must also realize that it is easier said than done.

Australians would come swarming in like humming bees ready to sting. There would be lots of aggressive stuff, lots of sledging. Aussie fielders would leave nothing unturned to go under the skins of young tigers.

Hope Tamim, Shakib and Mushfiqur would apply themselves to keep the composure of the players in tact. A series win will mean huge for Bangladesh cricket and Bangladesh.

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