Why Mominul is in number eight?

Why Mominul is at 8th position?Basically Mominul Haque is a fighter of top order and one of the best batsmen in Bangladesh team. But in the second innings of the second and last Test against Australia when the batsmen fell down one after another, he was not seen in his own position!

At a certain time Bangladeshi supporters thought that Mominul probably had any injury as he was not seen for long time even after the fall down of top order. He even had a minor injury in the third day of the Test.

But people got surprised to see him coming to crease at number eight. It relieved the supporters, yet raised questions in their mind why he was in that position. The question was amplified when Bangladesh lost due to batting disaster. For this reason, Mushfiqur was asked this question in the press conference session.

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In reply Mushfiqur said, “We were trying to make a left-right hand combination. You may ask why he was not sent in his own position but he still played well in 8th. We actually don’t arrange batsman’s position with the result, we think of what will make a batter turn in the game.”

Playing at 8th position is tough, thinks Mushfiqur by saying, “I know that playing on that position is tough. Even if I am told to play there I won’t feel comfortable. But the decision was tactical.”

A complication in the batting position pressurized team management to send Mominul into that position.

Mushfiqur added, “We don’t have much specialists in position four. Sabbir tried his best couldn’t give that much. He gave well in position 7, so we tried to fix him on that position. Shakib always plays at 5 and we have three left handed openers. So placing Mominul among them was thought to be a problem in their rhythm. So Mominul was given at 8th”.

But when Mushfiqur Rahim was asked why a Test specialist batsman like Mominul Haq was submitted in such a lower order when there are other options, Mushfiqur replied, “This is an expected question, why Mominul and no one! Somebody had to go there and we thought in the first innings to be not that tough for Left handed batsmen. You saw nobody got out in slip, balls went straight. So ‘Left Hander’ was not the problem.”

—- Abu Sayem Dosar

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