World’s best cricketers will play ‘Hundred ball’ cricket, believes ECB chief

‘The Hundred’ branded by the ECB is set to kick off on 2020. 

Casting aside skepticism ushered by Indian skipper Virat Kohli, England and Wales Cricket’s top administrator Tom Harrison delivered his belief that the game’s best cricketers will be a part of the brand new ‘Hundred Ball’ cricket when the competition would be launched next year.

“I think we will be very successful in getting players to come over,” Harrison told reporters in London on Monday.

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“I think it will be a good training ground for international Twenty20,” added Harrison.

He also announced the ECB planned to spend £180 million on The Hundred over the next five years.

Harrison’s comments came after mega star Kohli reckoned about the susceptibility of the competition mentioning the commercial aspect of the game is taking over the real quality of the sport.

“I’m already very…I wouldn’t say frustrated but sometimes it can get very demanding of you when you have to play so much cricket regularly. I feel somewhere the commercial aspect is taking over the real quality of cricket and that hurts me,” Kohli said in an interview with Wisden Cricket Monthly.

“I don’t want to be a testing sort of a cricketer for any new format,” Kohli added.

But Harrison said it was a “myth” that ‘The Hundred’ was designed solely to appeal to people who are not already cricket lovers.

“The new competition is designed to appeal to cricket fans,” he insisted.

“There is room for growth…The competition is designed to do a certain job. We cannot keep relying on the same audience. Cricket can be bigger. Success in five years times will be people saying ‘cricket is a game for me,” Harrison said.

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