Young cricketer commits suicide for not getting chance in IPL

Karan Tiwary is known in local cricket as ‘Junior Dale Steyn’ because of his physical constitution and bowling action. He must have dreamed of becoming a big fast bowler like Steyn.

Young cricketer commits suicide for not getting chance in IPL

But his dream remained a dream. The Mumbai-based cricketer committed suicide two days ago.

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Police are looking for the reason for the suicide of 27-year-old Karan. However, according to police sources, Karan, who did not get a chance in any of the Indian Premier League (IPL) teams to be held in the United Arab Emirates next month, expressed his frustration to a close friend and said that he would commit suicide. He was very sad not to play in the IPL.

The friend informed Karan’s sister about the matter. The sister told her mother. But by then it was too late. Around 10 pm on Monday, the family members broke down the bedroom door and saw Karan hanging himself from the ceiling fan.

Why did Karan feel so frustrated not being able to play in the IPL? BCCI’s rule is that in order to be auctioned in the IPL, he has to play in the state team in any category. Karan, however, often bowled in the nets of IPL teams in Wankhede last season.

One of Karan’s close friends said: “He was hoping to get selected for a state team. He was in talks with a few of them. He was a very promising cricketer and had uploaded his bowling and batting videos on his last WhatApp status. It is shocking that he chose to take such a drastic step.

“Police sources also said that Karan was tense as he had no job. He played for Souvenir Cricket Club and United Friends Sports Club and recently completed a Level 1 coaching course.”

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