10 records that seem impossible to break

After the inception of cricket and first match played, many records have been created and has been broken all in the same scenario. Some play it with legacy and some plays it more passionately to replace the previous one.

Sport such as cricket which holds the history of nearly 500 years. it is obvious that thousands of records will be created and at the same time, they will be surpassed by someone who sets the bar even higher dose than the previous one.

Cricket has seen a tons of legends who have graced the beautiful game of cricket and have created records that have enriched the sport and put their name with a golden print. Although sports is such a psychologically enriched that the game only gets better when the records are broken and a new standard is set and a new legend is born in the history generation after Generation.

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There is a popular saying in cricket dictionary that, Records are created to be broke and it’s acceptablity was better until some records still holds the unbreakable record. Therefore, at times this statement does seem to be wrong when we come across records that have made people think about the extreme possibilities and they are still shining like an unending lightening.

There are few records which are at least 25-30 year old which remains unbreakable and shining in the history book. It’s worth mentioning that these records because the records set in ‘last 3 decades’ are more or less known to millennial including every cricket fans.

  1. Most runs in a Test match

Legendary Graham Gooch scoring 333 in 1st innings and 123 in second innings of the test match against India in 1990 at mecca of Cricket, the Lord’s cricket ground. Thus he scored 456 runs in a single match! There is no one who surpassed his record till age. He is still holding this record for decades after decades. Although Brian Lara holds the highest Individual (400), Mark Taylor (426) and Kumar Sangakarra (424) came closer but could not break this milestone.

  1. Most runs in a Test series

The greatest cricketer of all time, Sir Don Bradman pipped Wally Hammond from the top seat in 1930 when he scored 974 runs in the Ashes series. Recently, Steven Smith played 1 test less and scored 774 runs in the ashes series. But even if he had played that test match scoring another 200 runs was an unbelievable deal and it would definitely heat up the moment.

  1. Most runs made by batsman in a day

1930 must be memorable for Sir Don Bradman who scored 309 in a day’s in the Ashes series. From all the cricket legend, only Virender Sehwag who scored 284, 257, 228 in a day could have done the undoable if he could stick to that but till today it still remains unbroken.

  1. Captain’s individual runs in a series

Australian legend, Sir Don Bradman must have been the undisputed king of records and that’s why may be he is called the greatest Cricketers of all time. In Ashes 1936 he scored 810 runs in as many as 5 test matches only. In the last 2 decades, only Graeme Smith (714), Steve Smith (687) and Virat Kohli (655) could be called competing for this record but they are remotely closer to Don but still a far away. Although they are regarded as the best batsman in current decades but they have gone only close but not close enough which paves the way to unbreakable remark.

  1. Most runs in a series by a wicket-keeper

Cricket has seen explosive cunning Wicketkeeper batsman like Sangakkara, Adam Gilchrist, MS Dhoni. Although they were good but as Wicketkeeper batsman the best was the one who is holding the record till a day.

The record was set by, South African wicket-keeper, Denis Lindsay in 1966 in a series against Australia. The legendary Wicketkeeper scored 606 runs in a 5-test matches series. But it’s irony of fate that, his career lasted for just 19 test matches.

In aftermath, Andy Flower made 540 runs in a 2 test match series against India. He could have surely overthrown Lindsay’s number but ICC’s test match planning as usual has been contentious from that time. Consequently, it’s still remains unbreakable.

  1. Highest Test career batting average

Although there is much gossip in Social Media when Adam Voges or Steve Smith crosses batting average of 60 and they sometimes regarded as the best Test batsman of the century. Whereas it remains a wishful thinking that anyone who crosses 60 will also cross 99.94 set by Sir Don Bradman.

If he had been not dismissed for a duck in his last match and scored only four more runs, his average would be in three figures. May be that’s why cricket is sometimes called a funny Game.

  1. Most runs in debut match

When the team go to field and the debutant step on the field for the first time and score a double hundred and a ton again in the same fixture! That’s sounds pretty impossible and hardly possible at the same time.  But Lawrence George Rowe from the Caribbean island has proved what sounds almost impossible is a piece of cake in the debut match being fielded first. Rowe scored 314 runs (214–1st Innings & 100*- 2nd innings) on his debut in 1972. The total runs for a debutant in a match is still shining along with his name in the record book.

  1. Most double hundreds in a career

When cricket was first discovered perhaps it was dedicated to Sir Don Bradman. In his career he has scored 12 double hundred(s). Despite playing in an iron age he managed to picked the milestone. Although, only batsman from Sri Lanka, Kumar Sangakkara came very close with 11. Right now, Virat Kohli, the Indian run machine is looking conditioned to be in this race with 7 doubles to his tally. Many thinks he will be the one to put the end of the legacy but it’s still sounds difficult.

  1. Youngest player to score a hundred in debut

As a newcomer in the test competition Bangladesh was only a few years as an emerging team struggling to cope with the greats. There were a few worth mentioning from Bangladesh side who led the foundation of Bangladesh Cricket. Ashraful proved his talent in the first innings of the match, top scoring with 26. On the other hand, as the Tigers were bowled out for 90 consequently they were Trailing by 465. At that time, the 17-year old walked in with his team 81/4 in the second innings and went on to become the youngest batsman to score a Test century for the first time in history. Ashraful made 114 as his team was bowled out for 328, losing the match by an innings and 137 runs.

  1. Most wickets in one match

If it’s said to pick as much wickets as a bowler can, then it’s will be 10 maximum. But Jim Laker holds the record for taking the most wickets in a single match. The Englishman took a total of 19 wickets against Australia which still hasn’t been broken by anyone and seems almost impossible to break.

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