5 new rules in England-West Indies Test series

The pages of the calendar have to be turned on March 13, the last time the world saw international cricket. Australia and New Zealand met in a match behind closed doors at the Sydney Cricket Ground. The hosts won by 71 runs.

5 new rules in England-West Indies Test series

116 days have passed since that match. International cricket has not been seen even once in the middle time. Cricket has never had such a long break since World War II. This time cricket was stopped for about 4 months due to coronavirus. The game is finally back on the field with the England-West Indies series.

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But not normally. No spectators will be in the gallery because of the deadly coronavirus. This decision was made keeping in mind the issue of social distance. Not only empty gallery, but also 5 changes have been made in the rules of field play. Following these rules, the England-West series is starting from today (Wednesday).

Let’s take a look at the 5 rules that changed during the coronavirus period:

Covid substitute

Concussion substitute has watched international cricket since the last Ashes. In other words, if a player gets hit in the head in a Test match, another player of the same type is brought down instead. Covid substitute has been added to that rule.

Under the new rules, if a player shows symptoms of coronavirus during a Test match, another player can be fielded with the permission of the match referee. This rule does not apply to ODIs and T20s.

Say no to the use of saliva

Players will not be able to brighten the ball through saliva in the match until the coronavirus situation is normal. If someone uses saliva out of habit, the umpires will mediate.

However, if the same thing happens again and again, the whole team will be given a formal warning. A team will receive a maximum of two alerts per innings. From then on, if the saliva is used, the batting team will be given 5 penalty runs. If saliva is used, the game can be started only after removing it well.

Conduct the game with the local umpire

It is mandatory to have at least one neutral country umpire in organizing any series at normal times. However, during the coronavirus period, any country can manage the match with local umpires. In this case, the International Cricket Council (ICC) will select the umpires and referees from among the panel of umpires and match referees. Richard Illingworth and Richard Kettleborough will officiate the first match of the England-West Indies series. Both are from England.

Permission for additional review system

Anil Kumble’s chief executive committee fears the number of wrong decisions could increase due to conducting matches with local umpires during the coronavirus period. This will give the teams the opportunity to take an additional review.

For so long, all the teams could take two reviews in every innings and one in ODIs and T20s. At this unusual time, three reviews in Tests and two reviews in ODIs and T20s can be taken.

Use of extra logo on jersey

The ICC has allowed the use of additional logos on jerseys for the next 12 months. However, it cannot be more than 32 square inches, which will be in the chest of the players. Although it has been used in limited overs cricket for so long, it was not allowed in Tests. Besides, the rules for using the other three logos will remain the same.

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