Anant Setalvad was a perfect cricket commentator : Sushil Doshi

Bipin Dani 

One of India’s well-known English cricket commentators, Anant Setalvad passed away at his residence last night. He was 84. 


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“He was little ailing because of old age for quite some time and peacefully passed away”, his younger son, Kevic said.

“The last rites will be performed on Monday at World crematorium”.

He is survived by two sons. The other being Tarshish.

Humble person

“Setalvad was a very humble person. His English was perfect and immensely knowledgeable in the game of cricket”, Sushil Doshi, a Hindi commentator, speaking over telephjone from Indore, said.

“I was with him on Australia tour (1977-78) and learnt a lot from him. Even Australian TV station interviewed him”.

“Though it was my first overseas tour with him, I was highly impressed with his command and fluency in the commentary. He was a complete cricket commentator”.

Sudhir Vaidya, who has worked as a statistician with Setalvad in the commentator box for three decades, also described him as a perfect commentator. “He was simply superb with India’s other renowned cricket commentators”.

“Four commentators used to get a chance to comment on the game turn by turn and when Anant used to get his turn, he would say about his observation on the field of play in a very unique way. He used to have his own observation described in his own way.  Every time he used to ask for unique records and present them in his own way, which used to be quite different from all other commentators.  Presentation of happenings on the field of play also used to be quite unique – unique of his own way”.

“He used to ask for different types of records and statistics of every cricketer and after providing them to him, he used to provide them in his unique way – adding all salient features of the records and statistics.  Presentation/describing the events of the field was very interesting and informative and that is why his commentary used to be very interesting and informative”.

“In his death, India has lost a real great commentator and above all a thorough gentleman”.

India’s another cricket commentator, late AFS Talyarkhan (Bobby Talyarkhan) once had noted that 13 Indians are good at cricket. He was referring to 11 players and two commentators (Anant Setalvad and Sushil Doshi).

Setalvad was an industrialist by profession.

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